Sustainable RVA

Who are we?

SRVA is a growing number of community members who believe that to become a more equitable, healthy, prosperous and sustainable region an aspirational vision for the region needs to be articulated, a plan for how that vision can be reached laid out and work toward reaching that vision begun.

What is the purpose of SRVA?

SRVA’s purpose is to define social, economic and environmental goals for the region, identify strategies to reach those goals, and serve as a coordinating agent for the implementation of those strategies.

Who lives in the SRVA region?

People who live in the counties of Hanover, New Kent, Goochland, Henrico, Charles City, Powhatan and Chesterfield, the Town of Ashland and the City of Richmond.

Why is SRVA important to the region?

Social, economic and environmental sustainability is increasingly recognized as an indicator of a region’s value and potential. SRVA is an opportunity to assess the region’s sustainability advantages and challenges, identify sustainability goals and the steps needed to reach them.

What are SRVA’s focus areas?

Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Health and Wellness, Inclusiveness, Land Use and Infrastructure, Public Awareness, Transportation, and Waste

Why 2050?

Organizations, businesses and governments have identified 2050 as the year by which communities will have to have redesigned their industries, workforces, infrastructure, social fabric, healthcare systems and environmental policies and practices in order to meet the needs of larger populations at that time.

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